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Product Retouching

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Product retouching and commercial photo editing.

Price: $6.00 - $48.00
We highly recommend using this service to improve your sales efficiency. Great pictures make product items stand out from the competitors. They improve your success in online sales, like eBay auction, and attract higher bids. Do you have a house for sale or car for sale? Do you sell jewelers, garments, leather accessories, tourist trips, etc.? The vivid pictures with your products are essential. The poor pictures turn off buyers. The perfect pictures draw customers' attention and improve your success. Photos must be clear, attractive, and look professional. Our photo retouching artists help to increase sharpness, correct colors, reduce or remove glare and unwanted reflections; change background on to white background, bluer or remove a background and highlight items.
You benefit from our wide experience with photo retouching for advertisements, websites and catalogues, as well as editing of auction photos, business sales pictures and commercial photos.
With Products Picture Editing service we...
- Correct colors, edit white balance and enhance contrast
- Fix blur and increase sharpness
- Fix defects, remove unwanted items and fix reflections
- Create color background or make transparent background
- Adjust shadows and light

Show off your products and services. Make them stand out. Just upload your photo and tell us about your desires.
Product retouching and commercial photo editing. sample image #0
Product retouching
Product retouching and commercial photo editing. sample image #1
Product retouching
Product retouching and commercial photo editing. sample image #2
Product retouching

Change background or make transparent background.

Price: $6.00 - $12.00 per object
Would you like to stand out the main object on your photo? Order this service and you will get any object from the photo isolated over white background or other color background. This service is useful when you want to sell something on internet auction or in an online store and need a perfect sales picture, so that the buyers are focused on the main thing. This option can help to attract buyers and improve you sales. Also you can order to extract the main item and remove the background under it, i.e. create a transparent background. This service is useful for advertisements, poster design, catalogues, photomontage, etc.
- Extract objects
- Fix edges
- Change background
- Create white, black or other color background
Please see the sample of our work bellow.

Change background or make transparent background. sample image #0
change background

Important tips for enhancing product photos

Most of the images that we see around us - pictures on billboards, catalogues, and packaging - have been retouched in Photoshop. Manufacturers and merchants use product retouching to give the images of their goods an aspirational shine and boost sales.

Quality product photos are important to businesses, especially to online businesses, because they help customers better understand their products. High quality product photos provide customers more information and can increase sales.

Even if your product photos are produced using a phone rather than professional camera, you can achieve high quality product photos. What's the secret? Retouching!

7 tips for transforming your shots into professional-looking product photos.

1. Correct brightness, contrast, color balance, saturation; adjust the exposure.
You can use the Brightness/Contrast and Hue/Saturation commands in Photoshop. It's not the professional way to retouch, but if an image simply needs a quick boost in quality it is good solution. The better way to edit any tone, color, contrast or saturation problems in an image is using Levels or Curves in Photoshop. When retouching your photos, bring out the very best in your image, but don't go overboard.

2. Straighten pictures.

3. Crop photo.
Pay attention to properly cropping your image. Crop the image closely around the product and keep in mind that square product photos look more professional than rectangular ones.

4. Blurry or change background.
Create an out-of-focus background that helps keep the eye on the product. Use a neutral background like white, beige, gray or black. For a dark colored product, use a light background. For light colored products, go with a dark background. It's clean and simple. If you choose to use a more complex background, like a tropical beach, stone wall, flowers in a field etc., the background should be out of focus and blurry.

5. Remove any imperfections from the photo.
Remove camera flash hotspots and eliminate reflections. These manipulations can be done in Photoshop with the clone stamp, brush and patch tools.

6. Fix shadows.
Often shadows can be too strong and overwhelm the product. You can soften or remove them with dodge tool, clone stamp and brush in Photoshop.

7. Increase sharpness.
You can adjust the sharpness using Unsharp mask in Photoshop. If you want to emphasize one element of a product then sharpen only a small part of a picture to make it pop (i.e: diamonds in the earrings).

Real estate photo retouching.
Put a blue sky in the background, remove litter from the ground, add more color and saturation to grass, correct brightness.

Jewelry photo retouching.
Add sharpness and shine to the gemstones, smooth reflections, remove imperfections, correct brightness and colors, add shadows.

Clothing photo retouching; bags, shoes editing.
Smooth out all wrinkles and creases, eliminate reflections, correct colors, add sharpness.

Quality product photos are an important part of putting your online business on top. One perfect photo is worth a thousand words. If you don't have expertise with photo manipulation, professional artists are here to help you.

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